Spring Brook Sprint Race Report

I want to give a shout out Thumbs up to RaceDayEvents for a well run race … we needed some more bike rack space but that was about the only glitch I was aware of … I emailed the race organizer and thanked him because I can imagine what a headache producing one of these things must be … From the race stats, there were 283 people in this one, a very good turnout …

The swim was 200 yards (8 x 25 yard laps) and we were supposed to line up based on our times … I got in line about where I thought I should and off we went every 10 seconds … by the third leg, I had caught two people in front of me and then two more guys behind me piled in and we all thrashed around for the remained 5 laps …no fun at all … I was glad to get out of the pool …4:14 on the swim but the run to transition was pretty long, maybe 100 yards …


I had new shoes for this race that are made to be worn without socks … T1 was 1:37 and that’s a big improvement for me … putting on my Garmin is now the slowest part of that process … this course was supposed to be flat but it had some pretty good hills … my plan was to average 20 mph and my actual was right at 19 mph … You just can’t find flat in East Tennessee!


New Pearl Izumis … no socks and they felt great … T2 was 57 seconds … that’s too long but I can’t remember fiddling with anything …


I was a little gassed at the start of the run and I started out running 6:45’s … then at 1/2 mile the first hill appeared … geez … it took me until about mile 2 to get my wind back … I averaged right at 7:30 for the ~three mile course …


Josh was waiting on me at the finish … as usual … How ‘bout that flat course buddy? …did you see any hills out there? …


My total time was 54:08 … 1st in my age group out of 9 and  37th overall out of 285 …

Josh finished in 47:04 and 1st in his age group and 6th overall … pretty impressive indeed …He has a race report at http://triandkeepup.wordpress.com/2012/08/05/springbrook-sprint-race-report/ … My next improvement goal is to start routinely winning the grandmaster’s awards … I’m about 2.5 – 3 minutes away from doing that … my run times are adequate, if I can cut the swim times just a little and the bike a little … just a little more …   Sarcastic smile

Thanks for reading … back to the old grindstone …


4 thoughts on “Spring Brook Sprint Race Report

  1. Good job, old man. You sure do make me proud. Love the new swag — shoes look real nice. And glad that you don’t have to fiddle with putting your shirt on during transition, now! Good call. 🙂

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  3. Thanks all! Any gadgets that will speed me up are welcome! Have you heard about the Garmin Forerunner 910XT that keeps track of your bike, run AND swim times? I’m thinking Christmas 🙂

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